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Workflow Agent Processing Seconds & Session Start/End Time inaccurate when export is on last queue

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Customer has workflow agent "KAFC" assigned to the batch class that only has Scan and Export in the queue.

It was noticed that the History of Batch table has incorrect values for the "ProcessingSeconds" & "SessionStart/EndTime" when export is at the last queue within the batch class.

The Processing Seconds reads 0 and the Session Start Time and Session End Time both recorded the exact same value/timing. See attached excel file in the link above.

As an example, a batch of 800 pages that was running through the Export queue starting at 11.34am and took 2 minutes to process. However, it has a start and end time of 11.36am and 0 seconds processing time. i.e. The end time is recorded as both the start and end time and as such the processing time is zero.

If we add an extra queue after the export, the timings come through correct.



This was due to Bug 1286607:Issues on export connector are not triggered by KAFC



The workaround is to update the WFA configuration in the file "Kofax.Analytics.Capture.WorkflowAgent.AEX"

Change the WorkflowAgentOnBatchDelete from True to False value in a text editor application (e.g. notepad) and save the file.

With that setting, KAFC will use the old polling mechanism to finalize Batch instead of rely on Export queue to invoke WFA.

User will have to re-publish the Batch class after changing WFA’s property in order to apply the changes.


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Article # 3046800
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