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Output Manager - Database out of space - OutputHistory table over 70% of the database

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Question / Problem:

The Output Manager database is out of space - OutputHistory table is taking up 70% or more of the database space. 

Answer / Solution:

There are configurable settings in the Output Manager software that do influence the amount of data in the OM database.

These settings are located:

OM Console - Administration - Set General Preferences - General tab - Default retention period:

  • Default setting is 1095 days (3 years)
  • Change to a time period the customer agrees to such as 90, 120, 180, 365 days

Time period factors to consider:

  • Depends on the number of documents per day are printed from Output Manager
  • Depends on how far back in time customer needs OutputHistory table records. These records are used in the Output Manager Reports.

Recommend setting the value to be 30 days longer than the desired reporting length.  For example, if reports are only needed for the past 90 days, then recommend setting the value to 120.

**Note** it will take time for the number of records to decrease, typically the DBM service will delete at most 5,000 records every 3 minutes. 

**Note** the reduction in the number of records will not reduce the overall database size. It will increase the free space within the database.