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Power PDF - Error installing on a computer with Visual C++ 2017 Runtime installed

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Problem Statement:

Error when attempting to install Power PDF on a computer with the Visual C++ 2017 Runtime installed


This has been identified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Bug with the Visual C++ 2017 Runtime and was resolved in their latest update.  If you ensure that the target workstation has current Microsoft updates you will not experience an issue with our installation.  No change required for Nuance software.


When Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (v14.10.25008 specifically) is installed (such as was installed with Visual Studio 2017), then installation fails for Power PDF 2.1 due to failure to install Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable prerequisite.  This is because of problems with this specific version from Microsoft.


Push VC++ 2017 redist. v14.10.25017.0 or newer out via Windows Update (at least when problematic v14.10.25008 is installed)

Ensuring that the latest Visual Studio 2017 update includes the latest VC++ 2017 redist. version, such as v14.10.25017.0 ラ instead of the problematic v14.0.23506.0 which was still included with Visual Studio 2017 v1.10.30640.0 (the latest update as of June 18 which didn't include the newer VC++ redist. v14.10.25017.0 also available at the time)

The latest Visual Studio 2017 update at the time (which was v1.10.30640.0 as of June 18 2017) included the older, problematic version of Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable, v14.10.25008, despite the newer v14.10.25017.0 being available on the Visual Studio Downloads page ( at the time.