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How to create eCopy Registration site accounts & sub accounts

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eCopy Registration Site accounts are used to register eCopy product licenses. Registering products provides a multitude of benefits, including organizing important information, access to software downloads, access to Maintenance & Support contract dates etc.

To create a registration account:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2.  In the First Time Registrants box, select an applicable product from the drop-down menu. Options for multiple products to register or creating a dealer account are also available and may be selected.
  3. Fill in the "Create New Profile" form
    • If the account is associated with a dealer or reseller email address, ensure the "I am setting up this account as a dealer" is selected
    • Ensure that the company name used for this account is the company for whom the email address is associated. For example: should list the company as "Company ABC". When dealers are registering on behalf of their customers, a sub-account should be used. Details on creating sub accounts are below.
    • The "Country" must be specified before the "State" can be selected. The "State" field is required for certain countries.
  4. Select "Submit" button
  5. A prompt indicates that the account has been sucessfully created and a confirmation email has been sent.
  6. Open the email account and open the email from the eCopy Registration System ( Follow the steps provided in the email to confirm the account.
    • If the email is not received, ensure the email domain is allowed on the network mail filter. The email may need to be released by Mail Administrator. Confirm the email is not located in Junk or Spam folders.
  7. Once confirmed, the account can now be used to register products. See also  for more information.  

To create registration sub accounts:

  1. Log into the parent Registration account.
  2. Once logged in, on the main page "Currently Viewing : CompanyABC" will be displayed. Ensure that this line indicates the account name directly under which the new accoutn will be created. On this line, select the "Create New Sub Account under CompanyABC" link.
  3. Fill in the "Create New Sub Account" form.
    • Ensure the relationship is appropriate.
    • The Company / Alias field should ideally contain the company name. For example: if creating a sub account for the Springfield office, rather than using Company / Alias "Springfield", it is strongly recommended to use "Company ABC - Springfield" or similar. This will help expedite Maintenance and Support validation procedures.
    • If a dealer is creating an account for an End User Company, ensure that customer contact information is provided in the relevant fields. This will allow the specified customer contact to also view & access the registrations under the sub account.
    • The "Country" must be specified before the "State" can be selected. The "State" field is required for certain countries.
  4. Select the submit button to create the sub account.


  • When working with sub accounts, ensure that the "Currently Viewing : " line shows the desired sub account. To switch to a different Sub account, under the "Or select different account:" line, expand the account tree and click on the desired account.  
  • When providing end user customer contact information on a sub account, the email address will have access to the account that has been specified and any sub accounts under it. Any sibling or parent accounts cannot be accessed by this user.
  • For additional licensing & registration information please refer to .