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Scan job output always in B&W

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Problem statement:

Output from scan jobs always in monochrome even when set to color scanning.

Potential causes:

In addition to the color settings in the device settings there are several other places where color or monochrome may control the final output.

  • Check that Use Device Settings is not selected in the Connector profile or that the 'Color Depth (Pixel)' option in those settings is set for color or default (if the default setting is color)
  • Check Services -> Image Enhancement and verify that 'Convert to B&W' is not selected if using the Image Enhancement service in the workflow. When troubleshooting workflow issues, always remember to disable services and test one at a time to identify the source of the problem.
  • Check Services -> Forms Processing and check the 'Image Cleanup' settings and check to see if any of the options are in use. Options such as 'Despeckle' require ShareScan to convert the output to monochrome for processing.