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Getting Help with ReadSoft Online

Getting help with ReadSoft Online

Welcome to the ReadSoft Online Support Pages.  Below are a number of resources to help you solve common problems and get support when you need it.

Step 1 - Start Reviewing Support Documentation and Tutorials

  • Help Files
  • Training Videos

Step 2 - Review the Kofax Knowledge Base Information

Kofax Knowledge Base's AP Automation Resources [LINK]

  • FAQs
  • Stuff

Step 3 - Getting Help

ReadSoft Online support is available for paid customers. To submit a Case to Kofax Technical Support, please review the [LINK TO WHAT INFO WE NEED ARTICLE : for example see:  What to Provide Kofax Technical Support When Opening a New Case for Kofax RPA] Knowledge Base article.  Once you have gathered the necessary information, open the ReadSoft Online Support Request Form, enter your information and submit the form.

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