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*** Archive *** Configuring File-based (Excel) Data Sources on Insight Server's DataSource Directory

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Prior to completing these steps, create the sub-directories you need under Insight server's DataSource folder and place your data source files there. By default, that path is C:\Temp\Insight 6.x\InsightData\{yourProject}\DataSources.

To enable scanning for DataSource sub-directories:

1. Close Studio.
2. Open Admin.

3. In the Options | Other Settings section, check the Allow absolute paths option.

2019-10-24 13_47_49-Insight - UpTo2012 - Outlook.png

4. Exit Admin console.
5. Log back into Studio and now you will be able to scan sub-directories on the server's DataSource folder.

When using Excel as the Database Type. Click the ellipsis icon in the Path field to bring up the path selector and select "File is located on the server." button.  The Open File dialog box will now show the folders and allow you to expand them. 


Applies to:

Insight v6.x