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*** Archive *** Date Range Method to Delete Data from Kofax Analytics for Capture

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Question / Problem: 

Kofax Analytics for Capture (KAFC) includes historical data which does not need to be preserved. Is there any method to delete a Date Range of data from all tables of the KAFC Data database?

Answer / Solution: 

The appropriate Execution Plan to use for specific date deletion of data from the KAFC Data database is the "Delete Data by Time"

Steps to delete data be Date: 

  1. Navigate to the Data Loader (../Insight/dataload)
    - Execution Plans will be displayed

  2. Scroll Down to 'Delete Data By Time' & select the 'LOAD' button

  3. Date Range - From date: select the option for "Beginning of times (1/1/1900 12:00AM)

  4. Date Range - To date: select the option for "Specific Date" and use the calendar button to select the desired date/time

  5. LOAD Data (use this button to process the Execution Plan)


The Data Load screen will update with status to show a Task (Delete Data by Time) has been scheduled/processed with a result of 'Success'

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