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*** Archive *** Does KAFC track Rubber Band or Lasso OCR

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Question / Problem: 

Does KAFC track Index Field changes done in KTM Validation with the Rubber Band or Lasso OCR feature?


Answer / Solution: 

The current version of 2.x does not track any Rubber Band OCR or Lasso OCR.

KAFC tracks data of field changes done the close event of each module.

E.g.: if KTM Server classified x field with value “A” and x field was changed in KTM Validation to “Z”; then KAFC will record the field changed but it will not track how the value “Z” was generated, such as Lasso Rubber Bando or Copy Paste or custom program.



Applies to:  

Product Version
KAFC 2.0
KAFC 2.1