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Kofax Insight: How to change the percentage displayed in a stacked chart when using Transform / Filter's Display Percent of Total


The purpose of this Article is to explain how the default percentages work on a Stacked Bar 100% chart by using examples. It will also explain how to change this default behavior. 20054

This example uses Insight v5.5.


To illustrate, refer to this figure which displays the total revenue by year (2012-2014). Only 2013 has all four quarters to report on, hence four blocks in its line.

This chart allows for drill-down by quarter:


Now let's convert the numbers to percentages.

We accomplish this in the view's Wizard under the Data tab using Transform / Filters and setting the Display property to Percent of Total:


Click OK and view the chart now:


Though we now see the percentages, they are based on the overall range of the chart as shown by the ten blocks. This is the default behavior.

When there is a need to reflect each column's percentage on an independent 100 percent scale, a custom format must be created and implemented for this view.

  1. From Formats and Themes, create a custom label format.
  2. Edit the Stacked Bar 100%'s (or whichever chart you are using) from 'Format' to 'PercentResult'.
  3. Save.
  4. In Studio, refresh the project so that the new label is loaded (close and reopen will do this). Select the view that contains the chart.
  5. From the Property Panel, under Appearance, set Label Format Name to the newly created label.
  6. The chart should now reflect the totals independent of the other years:
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