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There is no data in the KAFC Viewer Quality Classification and Extraction dashboard views

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Question / Problem: 

Why are there no data being reported in the KAFC | Viewer | Quality | Classification and Extraction dashboard views?

Answer / Solution: 

The Classification and Extraction views do not update near real-time data.  These views are updated hourly and updated by the Hourly Plan.  The Hourly Plan and be run manually in the Data Loader or via a scheduled execution plan.   Once the Hourly Plan was run manually, the Classification and Extraction views displayed data.



Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KAFC 1.0 Configuration
KAFC 1.1 Configuration
KAFC 1.2 Configuration
KAFC  2.0 Configuration
KAFC  2.1 Configuration


Author:  Tue Ku

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