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Batch Timeout event

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What is a Batch timeout event, what is used for and where is a list of batches in timeout status?



A batch timeout event is when a batch remain in Kofax Capture for more than 30 day idle, KAFC will flag any batches as [TIMEOUT] if not being active. See KAFC Admin guide for settings and configuration for [TIMEOUT].

The reason for the timeout event is data collection process and keep the database growth in check. However, if a batch is processed again the new data will be collected from that point on and the old data.

The list of Batches in timeout by doing a search in Batches & Docs with Status = Timeout or Last Operator = [TIMEOUT]



The table in the database that contains a list of all batches in [TIMEOUT] status is HistoryOfBatchTimeout in DATA database. The table contains information about the batches and last modified:

SELECT * FROM HistoryOfBatchTimeout



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Kofax Analytics for Captuer 2.x      



Article # 3040795
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