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Compare Batches Between KAFC and Kofax Capture

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Is there a query to compare the batches  reported by KAFC vs Kofax Capture?




You can run the following query to find a list of batches that KAFC has of currently active batches in Kofax Capture:

SELECT batchguid, COUNT(*) , MIN(sessionendtime), MAX(sessionendtime) FROM kafc_data..InstantQueue

GROUP BY BatchGuid HAVING COUNT(*) >= 1 ORDER BY MIN(sessionendtime) DESC


The query will return a count result of batches in KAFC, with the BatchGuid and the Session End time is descending order. This is useful to troubleshoot batches not matching with KAFC and Batch Manager. The BatchGuid represents a batch and a batch name and can be used to query HistoryOfBatch table to find the batch.



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Kofax Analytics for Capture 2.x      


Article # 3040827
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