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Configure Scheduler to use Windows Authentication

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How do I configure Insight Scheduler to use Windows Authentication?



1.       Using the Insight Installation Manager, set the Service Account and Insight Authentication Method as shown below. This can be invoked for an existing installation by running “Altosoft.Insight.InstallManager.exe /i” from “C:\Program Files\Kofax\Insight 6.3.0\InstallManager”


2.       In the Insight Admin Console, under Authentication, set the Data Loader authentication method to Windows – Fixed Values


3.       Under User Mapping, set the Session property to “Identity”


4.       Under Roles, set the property to “memberOf”, the operator to “Include” and the value to a group to which the service account belongs


If it’s unclear to which group the user belongs, you can search the WcfDataService log for “memberOf”. When a Windows user tries to log in to any Insight application, Insight will perform queries to Active Directory to get attributes of that user and log them to the WcfDataService log.  


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Article # 3037634
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