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Configuring Kofax Monitor Tests for Insight

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Follow this article to configure Kofax Monitor (sold separately from Insight) to monitor for Insight availability. Steps to configure tests for the Insight Scheduler Windows service and the Insight WCF data service are provided.



Note: Because Kofax Analytics, and your custom analytics solution, may have varying authentication methods to access your dashboard, steps to include checks for Viewer application are not provided. However, the WCF data service check below is used by the viewer application, among other Insight applications and components, and is a valid test to ensure your viewer application is working.


Test for Insight Scheduler Windows Service Availability

1. Select an existing monitor or create a new one. We'll create a new monitor named Applications.


2. From the Add Monitor Tests Using Wizard, select WMI Wizard


3. Select the computer where the test will run. This example has Insight and Monitor running on the same server; therefore, the local computer is used.


4. Select Win32_Service for the WMI Class and click Next.

5. Enter 'Insight Scheduler' in the Find Value field and click Find Next



6. Verify the result returned is the Insight Scheduler service for your version of Insight. Note the Entry column for this result (66 in this example) and scroll down further until DisplayName is found for the same Entry value.

7. Check the Primary Key box in the Comparison Test section (make sure DisplayName is set, and its value is Insight Scheduler Service. Failure to check this will cause the test to run on all services and always fail). This will be used by the monitor to find the service when this test runs.

8. Scroll down further and locate the State property (note: The Entry value should be the same as the DisplayName property).

9. Click the third filter button to isolate these two properties:



10. Click Run Test to run the test. If the "Turn on Debug Messages" is checked, additional information is displayed in the test window.



11. Note that the Comparison Test is set to Stopped (this is because the service is currently stopped).  

12. Change the value to "Running" and click Run Test. It should fail if your service is stopped and pass if it's running.

13. Enter a meaningful description in the Resource Name and Test Description fields.

14. Click Add Test to add the test.



15. Click Next to finish the setup. 


Test for Insight WCF Data Service Availability


1. Create another test using Wizard.


2. Select Web Wizard


3. In the Record Test step, you may notice a browser pops up (this may pop up next if not already).


4. Click the Record button.


5. Enter the URL to your data service as shown below, replacing localhost with your Insight server name or IP address:


6. The browser window will show the results of this wsdl check and an Add Test pop-up displays:


7. In the Add Test UI, select the drop-down control and pick a line. Any line is fine because if the data service is down, the data on this page will not show. Conversely, you can stop IIS and then use the failed response from the same URL above as a test to trigger an alert when the service is down.



8. Enter a meaningful Resource Name and Test Description, then click Add Test.

9. Click Next to finish the setup.


















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