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Configuring distribution of reports to multiple recipients

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How to configure Advanced reports to support multiple values with separator?



Advanced report does not support multiple values with separator.

If required multiple values then each value should be in separate row.

All non-empty values from one column are combined and used as filter with OR.

Different columns are user in filter with AND.

1. if a user wants to send report to multiple users, then each e-mail should be in separate row:




2. If multiple values for multiple filters should be applied then each value should be in separate row (but values from different columns can be mixed).

Here are some samples:


ProductID, Country

10, USA

11, UK


ProductID, Country

10, UK

11, USA


ProductID, Country

10, ''

11, ''

'', UK

'', USA

In all these samples the result will be the same:

fitler for productID will be union, empty or NULL values ignored: (10 Or 11), for Country too: (UK OR USA) and two columns will be combined with AND. So the result will be:

(ProductID = 10 OR ProductID = 11) and (Country = USA or Country = UK)

About combine different conditions by rows like “ProductID = 10 AND Country = USA” OR “ProductID = 11 AND Country = UK” - this is not possible.


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