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How To Continuously Load All Data In An Execution Plan

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Is there way to load data such that all the data is loaded from beginning of time to future (1900 - 3000)?



Yes. This can be done by removing the date filter from the record / metric (or not creating one). If a date filter already exists, it can be removed from the  Mapping tab by right-clicking the mapped date and selecting Do not use as date/time field. That will remove the Date Filter from the Filter tab as well.



With date filter:


Without date filter:




When the execution plan runs, Insight logic will automatically use From date in the year 1900 and To date in the year 3000 for every run. This can be observed in Data Loader by clicking a loaded row's "Success" link, then the Advanced button. 


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Insight 6.x      




Article # 3050421
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