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How to Configure Scrolling x-Axis Data Points

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After completing this how-to you will have learned how to create a scrolling x-axis chart when there are too many data points to list on the default chart.


When a chart contains too many data points to display on x-axis, a message will display requesting you to select whether or not to display fewer data or all data points which may not be legible. If a lesser amount is entered by the user, the remaining data is truncated and the user will not see them. This article explains how you can select fewer data points to show while allowing you to scroll through the remaining data on the chart.

1. In Studio, open the view and select the chart so that it is active.

2. From the property panel, search for data points. 

3. Under Chart Appearance section, note the property under X-axis labeled Number of visible data points. It is set to 0 by default. This allows approximately 30 data points to display by default.


4. Set the value to 10, for example, and press Enter to accept.

5. The chart will update to show only ten data points, however, a scroll bar is added to allow viewing the remaining data points.



6. Save your project and test to verify.