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How to Display BLOB's

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The following steps will assist you with configuring Insight to display a single image in an image control. Multi-page image support may be provided in a future release (Enhancement Request 1346581).

1.       In this example, the database contains a BLOB table, MyBlobTable, that stores the name and data of the image (Name field will not be used):



2.       Create a data source to the BLOB table and click Get Fields successfully:


3.       Create an on-demand record using the BLOB table and map fields (if this will be pre-calculated, remember to perform a data load):


4.       Create a view and drag an image control:


5.       Configure image control’s Data tab by selecting the record and the binary field.

6.       Check the box labeled Load from server:

view config.png

7.       Save and preview. The view shows the image retrieved from the server. 

view with pic.png

Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 5.x / 6.x



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