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How to enable Debug Mode for the Kofax Analytics for Capture KAFC Workflow Agent

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How can debug mode be enabled for KAFC Workflow Agent?




By default, debug logging for the KAFC Workflow Agent, Kofax Analytics for Capture, is turned off.

In order to enable debug logging, the value for the DebugLogging tag in the configuration file for the Workflow Agent needs to be changed from false to true.

The configuration file for the Workflow Agent file is located at: \\<KCServerPath>\Config\KA4CConfig.xml.

Open the KA4CConfig.xml file in Notepad, then look for the DebugLogging element and change the value to true. There’s no need to restart any services — the changes are instant.

The Workflow Agent log file is located at: C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Logs\Altasoft_yymm.txt

To turn off debug logging, just change DebugLogging back to false


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Kofax Analytics for Capture 1.x      



Article # 3040796
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