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How to obtain the number of fields that have been changed

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Is there a SQL query to get the number of fields that have been changed for exported batches?




FieldsFinished table contains all fields’ changes for batches that have been exported. The query below brings the Batch Class name, Document type and Field name, the sum of fields and sum of changed fields.The query also uses a date range, which needs to be modified to any given date range. The result is a list of fields for batches that have been Exported of Kofax Capture


SELECT BatchClassName, DocType, FieldName, SUM(__Result), SUM(Changed)

FROM FieldsFinished WHERE ReceivedTime >= '2018-AUG-25' AND ReceivedTime < '2018-DEC-30'

GROUP BY BatchClassName,  DocType, FieldName

ORDER BY 1,2,3;



SELECT "BatchClassName","DocType","FieldName", SUM("_Result"), SUM("Changed")

FROM "FieldsFinished" WHERE  "ReceivedTime" >= TO_DATE('2018-AUG-25', 'YYYY-MON-DD') AND "ReceivedTime" < TO_DATE('2018-DEC-30', 'YYYY-MON-DD')

GROUP BY "BatchClassName",  "DocType", "FieldName"

ORDER BY 1,2,3;



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Kofax Analytics for Capture 2.x      



Article # 3040798
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