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Information for Manually Creating Administrative Database for Insight

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After completing this how-to you will obtain a better understanding of how to pre-create a database and its tables when security restrictions prevent a user from automatically creating them via the Insight installation program.

First Step

During the installation of Insight, the first part of the installation will create a folder with the database script required to create the tables. By default, that path is Program Files\Kofax\Insight x.x\InstallManager\DatabaseScripts. Use the script as applicable for your database type (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle)


Second Step

Once the correct script is retrieved, have your database administrator create the database and execute the script for that database to create the administrative database tables. Be sure to obtain the credentials to access this database as it will be required to resume the installation. Insight requires the connection information (user name, password and database name or the Windows account if using Windows authentication).



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