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Insight Upgrades - Best Practices

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What are some best practices to consider before upgrading Insight?



Check Kofax Analytics Product Documentation:

Check documentation for Kofax Analytics Products (KAFC, KAFTA, etc.) to ensure those products support the Insight version you are planning to upgrade to.  Check those respective documentation's Technical Specification before upgrading, if you use them:


Hardware and License Sizing:

If you're anticipating an increase in data volume, users, implementing new features such as high-availability or multi-tenant, etc., review your existing hardware against the recommended systems for Insight. Review Insight's Technical Specification document for that information. Also consider reviewing your license requirements with your business users and your Kofax Account / Sales representative and review what options you have for maximizing your solution. Existing v5.x licenses will work with Insight v6.x.

Note Changes in Product Behavior / Fixes / New Features:

These are all documented in our Release Notes for each version. Changes to Insight can impact your dashboards by requiring changes to custom queries used in metrics, records, etc. New features may require you to add additional testing time to review resolved issues that will help keep your Insight implementation in optimal working order. Carefully review all Release Notes for versions between your existing and planned version upgrade for Insight. Below are the links to each version's Release Notes.

And the link to all version documentation:

As always, take appropriate backups of databases and machine images prior to upgrading to facilitate any recovery should that be needed.

Explanation of Insight components that are upgraded:


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Insight 6.x      



Article # 3040465
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