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Analytics for RPA Product Documentation

Click on the links below to move to the desired Analytics for RPA releases' product documentation, including the available Technical Specifications.

All Analytics for RPA product documentation, except for 2.0.0, can be located in the Admin Guide of the corresponding RPA version

2.3.0 Release

Analytics 2.3.0 for RPA - Released with RPA 11.0.0 Release

Analytics for RPA - Released with RPA (10.7, Fix Pack 1)

2.2.0 Release

Analytics for RPA 2.2.0 - Released with RPA 10.7.0

2.1.0 Release

Analytics for RPA 2.1.0  - Released with RPA 10.6.0 Release

Analytics for RPA - Released with RPA (10.5, Fix Pack 2)

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