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"Allow absolute file path" and "File Parser Root Folder" settings explained

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Question / Problem: 

How do these features work after the changes made in 6.1?

Answer / Solution: 

Beginning with Insight 6.1, a change was made (as documented in the Release Notes) to the file parser feature. That change was made as part of security enhancements for Insight.

Enabling this option in Admin | Options tree allows you to use a path format similar to the previous behavior. For example, when creating a batch in Studio, set the File Mask to use the complete path to your file:

c:\Imports\Customer123*  (this configures the batch to look for all files in this path that start with Customer123)

\\myServer\myShare\Customer123  (this accomplishes the same as above but uses a UNC format if the folder is shared on your network.

In Admin | Project | (yourProject), "File Parser Root Folder" you can define any folder in any place regardless of "Allow absolute path" option. If "Allow absolute path" is selected, then you can define any absolute path directly in the batch and the parser root folder path is ignored.

If you define relative path in batch then it is relative base from "File Parser Root Folder".


Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight `6.1 and newer



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