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After enabling DebugLogging in Kofax Analytics for Capture 1.1's KA4CConfig.xml file, do I need to republish the Batch Classes?

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After enabling DebugLogging in Kofax Analytics for Capture 1.1's KA4CConfig.xml file, do I need to republish the Batch Classes?



No, nothing else needs to be done. After the DebugLogging element in the KA4CConfig.xml file is set from false to true, the C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Logs\Altosoft_yymm.txt log file will immediately be written.

A few additional notes about DebugLogging :

  • The log is always created when the Batch is closed.
  • There is no way to control the size of the log file in KAFC 1.1. However, KAFC 1.2 allows the log file size to be controlled.
  • There is an impact on performance when DebugLogging is enabled. However, it will not impact the performance too adversely.
  • The log file will be located at each machine where KAFC Sender (WFA) is installed.


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Article # 3040819
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