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Available Parameters for Authentication and Authorization

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Question / Problem: 

What are all the parameters available in Insight that can be used as arguments for queries?

Answer / Solution: 

There are a wide variety of parameters that can be used for user filters, user mapping and roles depending on the authentication option selected. You can use following login parameters:

1. Any parameters which are available in HTTP request (get, header, query string, post). UserID referenced in the Help system refers to this context.
2. Any AD parameter when using Windows authentication
3. Fixed Insight parameters: Email (if defined in user mapping) and Login (if Login authentication is used).

You can see all available parameters in the WcfDataService.log. The parameters and their values start after this log entry (includes Active Directory information when Windows authentication is used):

2021-04-16 15:57:59.7792 [44] DEBUG WcfDataService.Code.InsightService.LoginProvider - Login parameters are:

Example using Login parameter to retrieve the user's department ID:

SELECT empDeptID from hrDB where empLogInName = '<Login>'

Mapped parameters for the user can also be used. Those are listed in wcfdataservice.log after this entry:

2021-04-16 15:59:59.4918 [85] INFO  WcfDataService.Code.InsightService.LoginProvider - Mapped parameters for the user are: 

EMail - example: SELECT empNameField FROM yourDBTable WHERE yourDBEmailField = '<Email>'



Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 6.x



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