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Explanation of Insight Upgrade Components

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Question / Problem: 

What are the components that are upgraded when an Insight upgrade is performed and does it upgrade projects as well?

Answer / Solution: 

When upgrading Insight, there are three components.

1. The Insight installer upgrades the runtimes, libraries, web data service and Admin database.

2. When item 1 completes and  you log into Admin or Studio, a prompt will display reporting incorrect versions of your project(s). That prompt refers to the projects meta, data and, if used, Insight staging databases. Always upgrade those by clicking "Yes".

3. Analytics Projects - if you are using a Kofax Analytics project like KAFC, KAMV, KAFRPA, KAFTA, etc., they are also upgraded schematically, however, if your goal is to resolve issues caused by the design of objects within those projects (records, metrics, processes, etc.), then upgrade the Analytics product (project) separately. That is done via a .zip import in Studio and updated Analytics products are available at Installation steps for Analytics products are provided with the download.


Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 6.x


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