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Insight Docker Sample (v6.2.1)

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Question / Problem: 

How can I create Docker images and run the containers using the samples provided with Insight product download?

Answer / Solution: 

The sample files provided with Insight download package are for illustrative purposes only and will not work if used to build images.

Utilize the attached zip file. Extract the contents and review _ReadmeFirst.txt to finish configuring the files. Then run docker-compose build to create the images and docker-compose up to start the containers.

Carefully monitor (or output to log file) the docker-compose build process. Review and fix any errors that may be Docker-related. When ready to re-run, do not use existing builds. Rather, delete them and create new images.

The zip file includes the PowerShell script from v6.2.1 Fix Packs used to install the fonts into the images.

NOTE: Refer to Insight Technical Specifications document for the supported version of Microsoft's Docker Engine. Newer versions may present issues with the provided Docker configuration files.

Applies to: 

Product Version
Insight 6.2.x



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