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KAFC Events

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Which are the session events in Kofax Capture and KTM that produces data collection for KAFC?



KAFC is "Session Event" driven, meaning there is a number of triggers during the batch processing workflow that causes data to be collected, processed and saved:


Session Event Name Description  Type
BatchTimeout Batch has timed out Batch
BatchCreated Batch is created Batch
BatchDeleted Batch is deleted Batch
BatchRejected Batch is rejected Batch
BatchReleased Batch is released Batch
BatchSplit Batch is split Batch
BatchUnrejected Batch is unrejected Batch
BatchPriorityChanged Batch priority is changed Batch
DocumentFormChanged Document form type is changed Document
DocumentClassified Document is classified Document
DocumentDeleted Document is deleted Document
DocumentExported Document is exported Document
DocumentMerged Document is merged Document
DocumentReclassified Document is reclassified Document
DocumentRejected Document is rejected Document
DocumentUnrejected Document is unrejected Document
FieldChanged Field value is changed Field
PageDeleted Page is deleted Page
PageMoved Page is moved Page
PageRejected Page is rejected Page
PageSeparated Page is separated Page
PageUnrejected Page is unrejected Page
DocumentFieldsChanged Document Fields Changed Field
BatchFieldChanged Batch Field Changed Field
DocumentSplit Document is split Document


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Kofax Analytics for Capture 2.x      


Article # 3040537
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