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Kofax Insight: Log File Overview

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  • What type of information do each of the Kofax Insight log files capture?
  • How do we get the Insight log file?
  • How do I find the Insight log file? 


  • AlertDistribution.log - Logs information related to user-configured alerts in Insight. Updated when alerts are triggered
  • BridgeService.log - Updated by Insight's Bridge service (Windows service). This service is used to broker 32-bit data access requests from Insight to source databases when  sources are configured to communication using 32-bit
  • DataFileProcessor.log - Logs file processing tasks from parsing of files on disk such as .csc, txt, etc) as configured in Studio | File Processor tree.
  • DataProcessing.log - high-level database related information. Deadlocks and blocking message may be recorded here. As well, information from dashboards that have the Logging feature enabled when a view is right-clicked and "Logging" is selected.
  • InsightAdmin.log - Logs general environment related information about Admin when users log into Admin
  • InsightServer_WinApp.log - logs query information for data used by projects (records and metrics) as well as data load task information requested by Dashboard server process
  • InsightStudio.log - Logs general environment related information about Studio  when users log into Studio
  • InsightViewer.log - Logs general environment related information when Viewer users log into Viewer
  • ProcessManager.log - Records information related to processes as configured in Studio | Processes tree.
  • ReportDistribution.log - Information related to PDF and exported Excel files that are configured to be distributed
  • Scheduler.log - records information related to scheduled and manual tasks (loads) for all Execution Plans (from Studio, Data Loader, etc.)
  • TestProject.log - created from KAFTA project's Test Load EP execution plan
  • UpdateTable.log - updated when project's records and / or metrics are created or modified
  • WcfDataService.log - records admin related queries, authentication and role-related information as well as application session information
  • Altosoft.Insight.InstallManager.log - updated when Insight is installed or reconfigured.

When troubleshooting issues, the most common log files to reference are WcfDataService.log, InsightServer_WinApp.log and Scheduler.Log. For installation related issues, Altosoft.Insight.InstallManager.log is used. 

In a multi-tier configuration (application on one server and data services on another), these files will be created accordingly on each so both servers may not have all the files.

Log file size are capped at 10 MB by default and should be left at that size unless advised by Technical Support. After that, data is overwritten ("rollover logging") and as a result, some data in one set of logs may not be cross-referenced by the same date/time in other logs.

When collecting log files for Support, please use the following checklist:

  1. Collect ALL  log files from all Insight servers. If you have high-availability configuration, there will be multiple Insight servers to collect from.
    1. The default folder for logs is C:\Temp\Insight.
  2. If your Insight implementation is multi-tiered (application server and web server on two different systems), be sure to collect from all servers.
  3. Disclose if you are using Insight's multi-tenant feature when applicable.


  • If you are using the Multi-Tenant version of Insight, log into Multi-tenant Admin application and from the Tools tab, click the Download Logs option.  Select the option to download logs from all tenants if applicable.
  • If you are using a single instance installation of Insight, log into the Admin application and from the Tools tab, click Download Logs option.

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