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Summary of Insight's Kofax Process Intelligence License

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What are the changes with Insight's KPI license which replaces the legacy DPI (Document Processing Intelligence) license?



* * * This information to remain internal due to ongoing changes to licensing * * * 

For customer-facing article, use this:  Why are there two Insight license files issued when KTA and KPI / KAFTA are purchased? - Kofax

Insight's KPI license was created to simplify how customers can implement Insight and various Kofax Analytics products into their environment and also offer a simple way to scale.

This information is subject to change. Here is a summary of what the base KPI license includes:

  1. Named User licenses are deprecated (but still issued with the intent to cease in the future). This is replaced with concurrent licenses that grants a license from pool that consists of two licenses (included in the KPI license - see related "intro" license explained below). As long as there is a license available in the pool to view dashboards, a user will be permitted to use the dashboard. Once the user logs out or the session is released, the license is released back into the pool.
  2. All Kofax application sources are granted under the base license. So you can now use KAfC, KAfTA, etc. with just one license.
  3. Permits customizing Kofax Analytic product views.
  4. Scalability can be achieved by purchasing additional concurrent licenses and external data sources via the KPI license.

Do not modify the contents of your license file(s). Doing so will corrupt the file and prevent activation.

Aside from that, another option for multi-tenant support is explained in KB 3040802. For more informaton on how seats are acquired and released, refer to this KB


Information as of 9/29/2022:

When a base KTA product license is sold, that includes "intro" licenses for add-ons like RPA, KAFTA, KCM, etc. For Insight (KAFTA), the intro license is issued with the legacy Named User license of which 4 seats are granted. When KPI is purchased, the new Insight license file set will replace that Named User license with a two-seat Concurrent license (and additional data sources if it was ordered). 

The Maximum Data Sources and Maximum Named Users are usually generated with a code 0 (unlimited), which customers may translate as an unlimited seats and data source license. That is not accurate. These two options work on the honesty policy - customers should notify Kofax if they require additional seats / data sources.


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Article # 3040395
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