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Support for Legacy Altosoft License (Named Users)

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Since the acquisition of Altosoft by Kofax, how has the license model changed and what options do legacy Altosoft customers have to continue using Insight without the need for any Kofax Analytics products?



Altosoft's original license model consists of Named User licensing. Users are granted access on first-come, first-served license until all Named User slots are assigned to users. If a user no longer needs access to dashboards, the Admin application is used to free that seat by removing the user so another user can consume it.

The transition to Kofax Concurrent license model provides more flexibility. It is also part of our Kofax Process Intelligence (KPI) License.

If you currently have an Insight 4.x license, a new license is required to run with Insight 5.x and newer. All 5.x licenses will work with Insight versions 5.x and 6.x. It is important to note how many current Named Users are assigned seats to ensure you have sufficient seats when you upgrade your license via Kofax Sales Support.

For legacy support, Kofax provides a Legacy Insight license that is fixed at 25-users (Named User). If you require additional seats, you have the option to add additional Name Users or move to the Concurrent License model. Contact your Kofax Sales associate for more information.

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