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Using Anchors

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What are anchors and how can they be used in Insight?




Anchors allow components to be aligned or juxtaposed relative to a view page or another control on the page. Sometimes the layout on the page in Studio may look different from its preview or when viewed from the Viewer application. Anchors help 'plant' components on the page relative to the page and / or another component.

For example, the following component is placed relative to the page (note the line connecting the component to the top side of the page):

2022-06-02 06_03_46-Window.png

And in this example, a filter is aligned relative to another filter and a view on the dashboard:

2022-06-02 06_04_32-Window.png


To view and edit anchors, click the Anchor button under the Design tab in Studio (first screenshot above). Click an anchor to delete it. To create new anchors, simply select the control (a view, filter, etc.) and then hover over one of the circles until clipboard_e38d7397ea1d1bd60df433db476e1dd2e.png appears. Then drag that pointer to another control's circle dot (connecting dot to dot) or the edge of the page as desired, then release the mouse click.


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Article # 3046961