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"Scheduler service is not currently active" error when starting Data Loader application

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This error occurs when the Data Loader application makes an attempt to connect to its Scheduler service (the Windows Scheduler service) and is unable to. There are several causes for this:


  1. The Windows service, Insight Scheduler Service x.x.x, is not running. Check its state and start if it is not currently running.
  2. In Studio | Settings tab, the Loader Host and / or Loader Port settings are incorrect. Review those settings and correct if needed.

Note that in v6.0 and newer, the Settings user interface no longer exist. It is automatically registered during installation. However, the Scheduler Port can be configured in the following app configuration file: Program Files\Kofax\Insight 6.x.x\SchedulerServer\Altosoft.Insight.Scheduler.exe.config file. Search SchedulerPort.

By default, a template value of 13501 is used for this parameter's value. This means that Insight will use port 13xxx, where xxx represent the Insight version. As an example, v. 6.2.1 will use port 13621 by default. This can be confirmed by checking the Admin database's Schedulers table.

If this value is changed to something other than 13501, Scheduler will use the new port after it is restarted. A new row in the Schedulers table will also be created.

If this issue started after changing Insight's Administrator account password, download and run Microsoft's Process Monitor ("ProcMon") utility and check to make sure there are no permissions issues in the path containing Altosoft.Insight.Scheduler.exe.config (C:\Program Files\Kofax\Insight x.x.x\SchedulerServer). The Insight Scheduler's log on as account should have access to that path. Running ProcMon may help identify any permissions issues. That file is updated whenever the Administrator account password is changed and using Insight authentication.

CAUTION: Do not change this value directly in the database table. Direct updates to the database are unsupported.



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