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'User with empty login is not found' Loading Insight Login Page

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This error appears when attempting to load the Insight login page using Default.aspx. Login.aspx does not exhibit this issue.



Incorrect IIS configuration.



Resolve this issue by adding the following DENY Anonymous Users rule to .Net Authorization rules in IIS:

Deny Anonymous.png


Full text of error from WcfDataService log:

[82] ERROR  WcfDataService.Code.InsightService.LoginProvider - Could not login. AltoSoft.Insight.Common.Exceptions.InsightClientException: User with empty login is not found.
   at AltoSoft.Insight.DataService.Code.InsightService.InsightUserBuilder.LoginInsightUser()
   at AltoSoft.Insight.DataService.Code.InsightService.InsightUserBuilder.Login()
   at AltoSoft.Insight.DataService.Code.InsightService.UserBuilder.Build()
   at WcfDataService.Code.InsightService.LoginProvider.Login(ParametersDictionary parameters, User& user)


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Insight 6.x      




Article # 3046018
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