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500.19 - "The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid."

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This 500 error displays attempting to access any Insight application. How can this be resolved?

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First, verify that no changes to the web.config file noted in the error message were made (sometimes this may be done for company security or compliance reasons). If the file was altered from our default installation, restore the original and retest.

This error is usually caused by missing IIS requirements to run Insight with IIS. Please recheck all of the required features as documented in Insight's Installation Guide for your version.

If all required features exist, check if any changes to your SSL certificates were made. If there were changes, you may have to re-run InstallManager to reconfigure the existing setup. To do that, click Start | Run and enter exactly as follows (note /i is outside quotation marks):

"C:\Program Files\Kofax\{InsightVersionFolder}\InstallManager\Altosoft.Insight.InstallManager.exe" /i


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Insight 6.x      


Article # 3040545
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