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500 Errors During Test Connect To Insight Project Databases

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500 Error when clicking on Test button to test connection to Data database. Meta database test connects fine.



Scheduler service's Log On As account.



Check if the Insight Scheduler service is running. If not, start it and note any errors. If an access denied error is reported, change the Log On As property to use another account.

Errors reported in WcfDataService log:

ERROR  WcfDataService.Code.WebServiceProvider - Could not login user. AltoSoft.Insight.Common.WrongPasswordException: Incorrect username/password combination.
   at AltoSoft.Insight.DataService.Code.InsightService.InsightUserBuilder.LoginInsightUser()

Errors reported in Scheduler log:

WARN  Altosoft.Insight.DocumentServiceClient.ILoginProvider -  System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[AltoSoft.Insight.Common.WrongPasswordFault]: Incorrect username/password combination. (Fault Detail is equal to AltoSoft.Insight.Common.WrongPasswordFault).

DEBUG  Altosoft.Insight.DocumentServiceClient.ILoginProvider - Try number 1 

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Insight 6.5      




Article # 3050302