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504 Gateway Timeout Error Logging Into Viewer / Dashboard

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When attempting to log into Insight's Viewer application to access dashboard, the above error occurs periodically.



Generally environmental.



This error may occur when your viewer application is configured to use Windows authentication and the operating system-level authentication process isn't completing due to timeout. When a user logs into the Viewer application, there is an application-level and operating system-level  task performed.  If this were an application level issue, Insight will handle that with an application-level error message such as "Role note found."


But in the case of an operating system-level issue, check the following:

1. Attempt to reproduce the issue outside of Insight. Log into the Insight server using a domain account (as opposed to a local machine account such as Administrator). This will force the use of Active Directory and help isolate the issue to either the environment or Insight.

2. If the Insight server is on a hosted platform such as Azure or Amazon Web Service (AWS), and you have a gateway configured to allow log-in to pass through your infrastructure from AWS, that could be suspect. Attempting Step 1 above will help confirm this.

3. Test using Insight authentication - you can add another viewer instance and configure a test user to access the same default dashboard view as the problem user(s). If this works without latency, Windows authentication is likely the culprit.


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Article # 3040800
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