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Administrator password update doesn't update Altosoft.Insight.Scheduler.exe.config

Article # 3035426 - Page views: 8

Article # 3035426 - Page views: 8


Execution plans are not running after Administrator password was updated.



Known software issue in older versions of Insight when Insight authentication is used. Altosoft.Insight.Scheduler.exe.config  is not updated if the password has expired and updated from Admin application for Administrator account.



Upgrade to Insight 6.2.1 or newer but if that's not immediately possible:

  1. Run "c:\program files\Kofax\Insight x.x\InstallManager\Altosoft.Insight.InstallManager.exe" /i
  2. Accept all the settings as-is but for the Administrator password field under Insight Data Service Settings, enter the updated Administrator password.
  3. Click next and finish.

Check the config file, C:\Program Files\Kofax\Insight x.x\SchedulerServer\AltoSoft.Insight.Scheduler.exe.config which should have an updated Modifed Date property. The password is encrypted and updated within that file.


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Insight 6.2 and older      


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