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BatchGuid usage with KAFC Tabels

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Question / Problem: 

Where is the BatchGuid created and where can be used to query data in KAFC databases?

Answer / Solution: 

BatchGuid is generated by Kofax Capture when a Batch is created. The BatchGuid can be useful to troubleshoot and identify batches in Event Listener logs. The Event Listener log in debug mode contains the BatchGuid as part of the file name.

The BatchGuid can be used in the KAFC_DATA database in the following tables:


a. HistoryOfBatch. Sample query "SELECT *  FROM HistoryOfBatch where BatchGuid= '{6c2ad870-9c72-4530-8923-271ad7a796ec}' "

b. HistoryOfDocument. Sample query "SELECT *  FROM HistoryOfDocument where BatchGuid= '{6c2ad870-9c72-4530-8923-271ad7a796ec}'"

c. HistoryOfPage. Sample query "SELECT *  FROM HistoryOfPage where BatchGuid= '{6c2ad870-9c72-4530-8923-271ad7a796ec}'"


Also it can be used in KAFC_Staging database in the table "Id"

SELECT *  FROM tlbQueue where Id= '{6c2ad870-9c72-4530-8923-271ad7a796ec}'


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KAFC 2.0 Database
KAFC 2.1 Database



Author:  Eric Roque

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