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What is the SalConfig.XML file

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Question / Problem: 

When installing the Event Listener the file SalConfig.XML is created in the \\...\CaptureSV\Config folder, what is this file for?

Answer / Solution: 

SalConfig.XML is the Event Listener configuration file for Kofax Capture license installation.

The Event Listener, however, gets Kofax Capture license related information through TCP port 2424

When installing the Event Listener for the first time the logic of the installer will look for the following two conditions: 

- Registry has following key: [SOFTWARE\Kofax\SALicClient\SharedLicenseServerFileUnc]
- SharedLicenseServerFileUnc point to \CaptureSV\Config folder.

If the installer does not find the registry key the it creates the entry and puts the SalConfig.xml in the C:\temp directory

Below is sample image from from a PC without Kofax Capture installed and with an Event Listener, the SalConfig.XML is created in C:\temp:



If a PC has Capture then the file is created in \\...\CaptureSV\Config\SalConfig.XML



Applies to:  

Product Version
KAFC 2.1