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No Extraction/Classification data seen in the KAFTA dashboard

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Question / Problem: 

I do not see any Extraction or Classification data in the Documents section of the KAFTA dashboard.

Answer / Solution: 

As per the KAFTA Administrator's Guide (p. 26), the No Touch Processing, Classification (Statistics, Chart, and Benchmark), and Extraction (Statistics, Chart, and Benchmark) views only include the documents that have been marked Capture Complete in Kofax TotalAgility 7.5.0. You can configure a Delete or Export process activity to Mark Completed in Kofax TotalAgility Designer, or call the CaptureDocumentService.UpdateDocumentsProcessingCompleted API.

To summarize the three options available in order to mark documents Capture Complete:

  1. Configure a Delete activity
  2. Configure an Export activity
  3. If you don't want to configure either of the above, the alternative is to use the UpdateDocumentsProcessingCompleted method from the TotalAgility SDK DLL


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