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Dashboard shows duplicate data in grid

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Dashboard showing duplicate data in a grid. 



Execution Plan and Record configuration.



If a record or metric is configured with a storage type of "Precalculated - Append" and the execution plan(s) that load this document is configured to retain the From date if no new data is loaded, it is possible to see duplicated data. This is by design.

The use case for this is when you have an execution plan that has multiple records / metrics ("documents") configured to load data. The setting in the EP, "Keep old from date if no records loaded" means that, if any one document does not have new data, the From date is retained and run again for all documents in the plan. If you have three records and two load with data but one doesn't, the data for the two will be reloaded until all three have new data to load.

The option to retain the From date is ideal if the data your are expecting in your data source will be delayed (i.e., populated some time after the EP runs) for all documents in the execution plan.

Review this option in the Execution Plan properties:



And this setting for each document (Record / Metric):


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Insight 6.x      




Article # 3042776
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