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Date Range Method to Delete Data from Kofax Analytics for Capture

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Kofax Analytics for Capture (KAFC) includes historical data which does not need to be preserved. Is there any method to delete a Date Range of data from all tables of the KAFC Data database?



The appropriate Execution Plan to use for specific date deletion of data from the KAFC Data database is the "Delete Data by Time"

Steps to delete data be Date: 

  1. Navigate to the Data Loader (../Insight/dataload)
    - Execution Plans will be displayed

  2. Scroll Down to 'Delete Data By Time' & select the 'LOAD' button

  3. Date Range - From date: select the option for "Beginning of times (1/1/1900 12:00AM)

  4. Date Range - To date: select the option for "Specific Date" and use the calendar button to select the desired date/time

  5. LOAD Data (use this button to process the Execution Plan)


The Data Load screen will update with status to show a Task (Delete Data by Time) has been scheduled/processed with a result of 'Success'


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Article # 3040747
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