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"404.3 Not Found" Error During Insight Data Service Test

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Question / Problem: 

Why does this error display when attempting to test Insight's data service as part of application troubleshooting?

Answer / Solution: 

This error occurs because the handler mapping for service files, .svc, is missing because WCF Services was not added during the IIS configuration process. To resolve this, review all the items listed in the Insight Installation Guide under Configure IIS section.

The following URL is used to test the dataservice for functionality:

This will return a DataService Service page stating "You have created a service." with additional information displayed:


This will return an XML-formatted list:



Here is an example of the error page when the above two URL tests fail. Insight's WcfDataService.log file will also not create.

data service error.jpg


Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 6.x



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