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"Query doesn't return any data" during the "Check" step of the Hourly Execution Plan

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Question / Problem: 

When running the KAFTA Hourly Execution Plan the following error message is seen in the logs.

In the InsightServer_WinApp.log you'll see the following error:

INFO  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.ServerLoggerWrap - Begin process for execution plan "Hourly Execution Plan" 
INFO  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.NewSQLAdapter - ===========Begin execute step Check ==============
INFO  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.QueryStepExecutor - Executing query:
select * from "ExecutionPlanStatus" where "Name" = 'Hourly' and ("__ItemId" = 0 or datediff(mi, "Time", getdate()) > (60 * 12)); TimeOut 3000
Connection: Data Source: Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=KAFTA_Data; Integrated Security=SSPI Database name: MS SQL Server Provider name: sql
INFO  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.ServerLoggerWrap - Executing query from step Check 
ERROR AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.ServerLoggerWrap - Error while executing query from step Check
Query doesn't return any data. 

WARN  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.ServerLoggerWrap - Query doesn't return any data. 
WARN  AltoSoft.Insight.DashboardServer.ServerLoggerWrap - Query doesn't return any data. 

Answer / Solution: 

In the KAFTA_DATA database there is an ExecutionPlanStatus table, which has two entries (Hourly and Minute). Each entry has its respective "__ItemId", which has a default value of 0. When an Execution Plan is run, the first step it takes is to flip the 0 to a 1. This indicates to the system that there is already an Execution Plan that is running. At the end of a successful Execution Plan the 1 will be flipped back to a 0.

However, when you run into an error while running the Hourly Execution Plan, the "__ItemId" will remain a 1. Next time you run the Hourly Execution Plan it will error on the "Check" step and you will see the error above in the Insight logs.

How to resolve this error:

  1. In the Insight Studio, navigate to the Data Load Module
    1. Alternatively, navigate to the Data Loader 
  2. Select only the "Tech Support - Reset Hourly Plan Status" Execution Plan
    1. Uncheck any other Execution Plans
  3. Run the "Tech Support - Reset Hourly Plan Status" Execution Plan
    1. The time range doesn't matter for this plan as all it does is flip the "__ItemId" value in the DB.


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