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ERROR [22008] [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0114E Datetime field overflow. SQLState=22008

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Question / Problem: 

"ERROR [22008] [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0114E Datetime field overflow. SQLState=22008" displays in data loader or when testing an SQL for a metric / record.

Answer / Solution: 

This error may occur if the data source is a mainframe DB2 database. DB2's date data types differ from SQL Server's date types. In this case, the issue is likely caused when a DB2 date field (no time) is mapped to a SQL Server's Date field (which stores date and time) causing the overflow error.

As a workaround, when setting  your From and To date parameters, use midnight (00:00:00:0000) but that may restrict your range depending on your requirements.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Insight 5.x & 6.x

Data Loader

Field Mapping