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How to determine all batches that have been flagged TIMEOUT in the Data database

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Question / Problem: 

Which table in KAFC DATA database that contains information about batches flagged TIMEOUT?

Answer / Solution: 

Batches that are idle for more that 30 days in Bach Manager the batches will be flagged as TIMEOUT by KAFC. No more data from batches that are flagged as TIMEOUT will be collected. The batch can be reactivated by processing or selecting Properties of the batch in Batch Manager.

The table in DATA database that contains history of this batches is HistoryOfBatchTimeout.

A simple query can be executed against the HistoryOfBatchTimeout table:

SELECT * FROM HistoryOfBatchTimeout;

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KAFC 2.0 Database
KAFC 2.1 Database



Author:  Eric Roque