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KAFTA: 'The logon attempt failed. You are not authorized. There are no roles defined for the user.'

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The logon attempt failed. You are not authorized. There are no roles defined for the user.



Insufficient permissions with SQL Server or Windows account used for KTA database access.




One reason this error occurs is due to the account being used to query the KTA database to execute two stored procedures for admin or user role determination. In the KAFTA Administration Guide, refer to the Roles information related to configured the External DB Mapping tab. Insight is configured to execute two stored procedures, IsUserInsightUser and  IsUserInsightAdmin, to determine the users role. The account configured in Admin | Connection for the KTA database lacks permissions to execute those stored procedures and errors are logged in the WcfDataService log:

2022-03-11 15:47:04.9011 [39] ERROR  AltoSoft.Insight.DataBaseManager.SqlQueryExecutor - Executing query:
DECLARE @MyisValid bit Exec dbo.IsUserInsightUser @session_id, @isValid=@MyisValid output SELECT 1 WHERE @MyisValid=1 TimeOut 3000 Connection: Data Source: Data Source={KTADataSource};Initial Catalog={KTA_DB}; Integrated Security=SSPI Database name: MS SQL Server Provider name: sql Params:
Name: @session_id; Type: String; Value: 786469F6040D0F2F21494FB66E0C0A47
 System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'IsUserInsightUser', database '{KTA_DB}', schema 'dbo'.

Check with your database administrator and verify there is sufficient permission for the account used to query that database. If you are using Windows authentication for this database connection, verify the Windows account used for the Insight application pool in IIS has EXECUTE permissions to you KTA database.

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Article # 3040941
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